Training Testimonies Old
“Three years ago, Tim visited my church and I was challenged by what I heard to begin the counselor training program. I have completed the training program and have become certified. I now assist some of the counseling that goes on at the center and my home church as well. I am so glad that the Lord gave me the opportunity.”

“Thanks so much for bringing this training to the church this week. As pastor, I want to tell you it was simply outstanding.

“This has been greatly inspiring and encouraging to my pastoral ministry and my personal walk with Jesus.”

“Thank you for teaching us obedience to God. I would like you to pray that I apply these lessons to my life, and that my husband changes by the changes he sees in me.”

“We received such a great treasure trove of biblical tools and principles to use in our own lives, not just to help others.”

“I would like to thank you for the weekend. It has been a turning point in our marriage! Going through God’s word and applying ourselves to His picture of marriage and to be one flesh has been life-changing.”

“I have read lots of parenting books that focus on behavior modification techniques but this training convinced me that only the Word of God is guaranteed to bring order to our homes and life to our souls. I continue to pour over the material, praying through it, and memorize passages that are relevant to our family.

“What a great gift to attend the parenting seminar! It was exactly what we needed! By God's great grace, my son is responding well.”

“My wife and I signed up for these workshops to equip us to council teenagers. But God is using the lessons to change us first.”

“I have had numerous opportunities to share what I'm learning with friends and family as I seek to humble myself and make what I'm learning a reality in my life. “

“I've always known that God's Word is sufficient for all of our circumstances but the secular realm of psychology permeates much of what is available. It has been refreshing to listen at this LCBCC training teaching on counseling from a truly Biblical perspective – the depth of knowledge of God and His Word is inspirational and challenging.”