Team Counselors


Ron Shearer  (Team Counselor)

Ron is Minister of Education and Administration at Ashley River Baptist Church. He graduated from the University of Mississippi and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and has served in local church ministry since 1974. Ron is a voice of experience and wisdom to many of the men whom he helps counsel at LCBCC. He directs the conversation in counseling to help the individual discover a more biblical way of looking and responding to the problems of life. Ron is married and has two adult children.

Jay Miller (Team Counselor)

Jay is a deacon in his church and married with three children. His life experience includes the Navy, adoption, blended family, overcoming addiction, teaching, and business owner with training from Crown Financial Ministries. Jay is a “nuts and bolts thinker” when it comes to assisting in the counseling process, which is why he is of great help in assisting staff counselors.

Colleen Condrey (Team Counselor)

Colleen has been involved in our counseling ministry and training program since the beginning in 2003. She knows our biblical counseling curriculum thoroughly. This knowledge and experience, along with her many years of local church ministry to women and children, makes her a valuable asset as she assists in biblical change and counseling. Colleen speaks Spanish fluently, and has a heart for reaching the Hispanic community. She is married and has two adult children. 

Kate Arnold (Team Counselor)

Kate is a women’s ministry leader in her church and is in the final supervision stages of her certification in the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors program. She served with her husband in the military. Kate is able to counsel women and assist wives, in particular, who are in crisis situations in their marriage. She is able to help them stay clear minded and spiritually strong and influential.

Janie Wilson (Team Counselor)

Janie is married to Brother Dallas Wilson; together they are in the process of developing a biblical counseling ministry for the inner city of Charleston, seeking to mirror the ministry of the Lowcountry Biblical Counseling Center. Janie is completing her Doctorate in Biblical Counseling with a particular emphasis on helping inner city women learn to handle the unique challenges of living biblically in a matriarchal culture. Her calm but biblical manner of counseling helps women find a biblical anchor that keeps them steadfast in doing the will of God.

Connie Black (Team Counselor)

Connie brings a wealth of expertise and helpful observations to every person she helps. She has been involved in the Navigators ministry and has led numerous women’s Bible studies over the years. She is a “hound of hope”, combining her life experience and vast biblical knowledge with her passion for spiritual growth in women. Connie is married and has three children and seven grandchildren.