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Crisis Counselor Training (4 Part Video)
Cost: $29.99
Counseling Those in Crisis - Where to begin & how to give hope This four part seminar is designed for pastors, counselors, and lay-people who desire to counsel others effectively. But this seminar will also be of great comfort to those going through a crisis; we will dig deep into the Scriptures to answer questions like – “How do I help those in crisis know and experience the Sovereign Love of God when they have just experienced a life-shattering loss? How do I help them eventually move forward and not be derailed in their life and walk with the Lord? What Biblical texts and resources should I be prepared to minister to them? What short-term and long-term direction and assignments can I offer?"

Digital Addiction (2 Part Video)
Cost: $9.99
Helping people use the advancements in digital technology (i.e. smart phones, tablets, internet, social media, etc.) to enhance personal and relational growth instead of distract from or devalue these. Our use of digital devices can be bad in two ways: 1) doing wrong on the devices (i.e. pornography, keeping bad company, etc.) or 2) doing acceptable or right things on the devices at wrong times or too often (i.e. social media, texting, researching, business development and marketing, etc.). Our proclivity to depend on created things like smart phones for help and happiness above our Creator goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden. We inevitably create idols in the heart and sinful habits in our life apart from a heart made happy in Christ. The two great commandments, "Love God" and "Love your neighbor", will be the basis for what you will learn in this workshop in counseling those struggling with digital addiction. This counseling approach targets Spirit-wrought heart change and habit change through the use of the Scriptures.

Divorce & Remarriage- 4 Sessions
Cost: $25
Are you considering divorce? Are you already divorced? Are you seeking to provide biblical counseling and support for those in potential or actual divorce? If so, these four essions will help you get clear answers from God's Word so that you have His light to guide and His Spirit to empower. This is part of our Track 3 Marriage & Family Counseling.

Five Common Emotions (10 Part Video)
Cost: $40.00
Clearing the Guilty Conscience, Overcoming Bitterness by Learning to Forgive, Anger, Depression: Avoiding Despair in Difficult Times, Fear, Anxiety, and Worry Don’t Have to Control You

Relational Wisdom 360 - 2019 Biblical Change Conference
Cost: $50
Ken Sande, founder of Peacemaker Ministries and author of the Peacemaker book (with 500,000 copies sold in 17 different languages) teams up with LCBCC Director, Tim Bryant. Relational 360 is an "operating system for life” used by Focus on the Family, Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation. Southern Seminary, Acts 29 Ministries, Home School Legal Defense and Reformed Theological Seminary

Abounding in Hope (6 Part Audio with manual download)
Cost: $20.00
One of our greatest needs is hope, or we do not live well (1 Tim 4:10). In my counseling experience, I have found that the following seven biblical hopes are key to promoting and sustain biblical change through life’s challenges. God has given us hope of forgiveness (1 Jn 1:9), hope of transformation (2 Cor 3:18), hope of strength and provision (Heb 4:16), hope of spiritual influence in the lives of others (2 Cor 2:12-14), hope of eternal rewards (Matt 25:21), heavenly dwelling (1 Cor 2:7), and glorious perfection (1 Jn 3:2). God has promised these things to us, his children. Stir your faith and desire for these things by memorizing and studying the promises listed above. Cross reference them to other verses that repeat the promises. Find songs that echo the amazing hope of these. Speak to others about what you are learning. Pray for a heart to believe and a heart to desire these promises. Anchor your hope in these promises - He can not lie (Titus 1:2)! By cultivating these hopes, many people who have come to the counseling center have increased their ability to persevere in obedience, no matter what storms threaten their future. Their perseverance has led to amazing results to the glory of God (Heb 10:36). May the Lord make these promises shine on you and your path.

Gaining a Life-Transforming View of God (3 Parts)
Cost: $15
In this three part series you will learn how does a person really changes? 2 Corinthians 3:18 makes clear that all true Christians have the potential to be progressively transformed into the image of Christ by more fully beholding the glory of Christ. These two sessions will guide you in life-changing amazement of the attributes of Christ – specifically His Sovereignty, His Holiness, His Love and His Wisdom. You will discover practical ways to effectively meditate on the person of Christ so as to be radically affected in what you love most, fear most, and trust most.

The Relationship Workshop (4 Part Video)
Cost: $29.99
This four session seminar on relationship complete with an electronic manual is for singles, married, separated, co-workers, church community, and parents who are ready to biblically revolutionize their impact on all the relationships of their life. The entire counseling staff of the Lowcountry Biblical Counseling Center, in just four sessions, will equip you with the best tools and insights they have developed through years of counseling to positively change the dynamics of ALL your relationships.

Unity in Conflict - 8 Part Audio
Cost: $25.99
If interested you can take a look at the online school video version of this course at “Unity in Conflict” contains biblical conflict resolution tools that have motivated and guided many people, especially married couples, in conflict to experience God-given unity. By working through these eight lessones, you will learn to draw near to Christ and His mind, as you learn His way of dealing with strife in relationships. You will learn, like Him, to offer peace and unity in relationship without compromising truth. As a result you will experience the inner peace of Christ and become an instrument of peace in the hand of your Savior to those who tempt you to fight and quarrel. The Bible will be opened as God’s Spirit persuades you more deeply in the truths of Biblical peacemaking.

Parenting by Faith: Eight Essentials (8 Part Video & Audio)
Cost: $39.99
These eight sessions will study God's plan in for parents as they seek to equip the heart and habits of children in the Lord effectively. Each session will help those seeking biblical help in the midst of their own parenting challenges, but also helps those who desire to counsel parents biblically. You be coached in eight essential principles in child training found in Ephesians 6:4 and will walk away with a plan that is both memorable and workable. Parents who have attended give testimony to how the Lord moved them to hope, repentance and practical application of God's Word. There is such a need today for parents to establish biblical goals for their children instead of materialistic, self-exalting goals of our world. No matter what the challenge, there are answers in the Bible.