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Prayers for World-Wide Revival & Enlightenment
August 24
9:00 AM to 9:30 AM

Join a group of pastors, leaders, and people in need as we cry to Christ for enlightenment and revival through HIs Word and church in our lives and around the world! The Kingdom of Christ will advance as God's people pray and act guided by faith in the Word of God. Register Today 

As each of us is experiencing various concerns during this challenging time in history, we will continue praying for the spiritual wisdom to know what is best, faith-motivated courage to do what is best, and Christ-inspired love to persevere in what is best. God has redemptive purposes in every crisis, just as the Devil has destructive purposes. We need to, by faith, calm our fears and enliven our love as we each determine and fulfill our particular God-given responsibility in this day. Oh, how we need to cry out together. Join us at 9 am (EST).