Training FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About

Counselor Training at Lowcountry Biblical Counseling Center:

Why should I pursue a certificate in biblical counseling at the Lowcountry Biblical Counseling Center?

  • To grow in the understanding of the Bible as God’s instrument of change in the lives of His people (2 Tim 3:14-17; 2 Peter 3:3,4).
  • To develop confidence in the sufficiency of scripture, gain skills necessary for using the scripture confidently to help people facing difficult issues and to encourage them in spiritual growth through their trials.
  • To obtain a higher level of knowledge of the Biblical counseling model and to obtain practical resources to more effectively use that model.
  • To develop greater competence in counseling people through difficult issues using the application of specific biblical principles.
  • To have practical accountability during the learning process.
  • To display a certificate to others as evidence of completion and competency in biblical counseling training.
  • To use this certification as a stepping stone toward one of the national certifying associations, Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) or International Association of Biblical Counselors (IABC).

What is the required coursework for this certification?

There are four courses (referred to as "tracks") in our complete LCBCC certificate program - each with its own required reading, written assignments, and scripture memory work.  But if you are looking to complete ACBC certification the only course needed is Track 1, Change that Sticks.



How long will it take and how much does it cost?

There are three phases in ACBC certification. Phase one is the completion of Track 1, Change that Sticks. The costs of this course is $160 plus $35 for the 300-page manual. You have six-months to complete Track 1. There is required reading in this first phase and the books will costs approximately $80-$100. Phase two is the completion of the ACBC Exam. If you desire to have our guidance in completing the ACBC exam the costs for the class is $160. You have 6 months to complete. The final phase of certification is supervision from a ACBC fellow. The costs vary depending on who supervises your 50 hours of counseling. If you are seeking the complete LCBCC certificate there are four courses or "tracks." The cost is $160 each but you can save $90 by buying all four courses together (click here). You have six months to complete each course and you do not have to take them in order. There is reading associated with each track which the total costs of books for the all four tracks will cost approximately $200. The benefit of taking all courses is that you have covered virtually every topic you will encounter in counseling. Those students who graduate from our program with honors, demonstrate giftedness in counseling, and have a good reputation in a strong church are eligible to apply to be a team volunteer counselor with us.

What books do I need?

Binders and outlines as well as sample documents of counseling homework assignments are provided. Each track has its own written assignments and required reading list.  Book costs for Track 1 (if purchased from us) range from $80-$100, depending on your choice of books.

How do I sign up to pursue this certificate?

Please go to our online school page. ‚ÄčTake a look at the variety of courses we offer. The only course needed to complete to move on to phase two of ACBC certification is our Track 1, Change that Sticks, Course. The other courses exist to help you further your personal growth in Christ and training in ministry.

What will I be equipped to do?

LCBCC's Certificate of Achievement acknowledges that you have thoughtfully and successfully achieved a level of competence in theological and counseling issues as well as articulated a working knowledge of the biblical counseling model.  You will be equipped to counsel and disciple fellow believers and provide counseling help to your church body as a layperson under the authority and accountability of your pastor and church leadership. You will have completed phase one requirements for ACBC certification. Those students who graduate from our program with honors, demonstrate giftedness in counseling, and have a good reputation in a strong church are eligible to apply to be a team volunteer counselor with us.

What is my next step?

By completing our Track 1 Course ("Change that Sticks"), you have fulfilled a prerequisite requirement for a nationally recognized ACBC or IABC certification. You may then begin the 10 hours of counseling observation with a certified counselor - either in person or by video followed by the ACBC Counseling & Theological Exam. The final step is the 50 Hours of supervised counseling by a Fellows of ACBC (We can assist you with this as well.)


Please contact us with any questions and to schedule a personal discussion with our school director.