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If you are new to the center or it has been more than six months since your last visit and you would like to receive counseling, click on the button below to submit the Personal Data Inventory & Consent to Counsel. We are here to help.

All of us experience troubling situations at different times in our life. Some of them come from our own choices and some come from other's choices – most of the time they are a mixture of both. But the truth is that God allows every tough situation to occur to help us to seek Him and His answers. If you want to find real answers to your problems, this counseling center is here to help you. We have seen many people and families get the insights they needed to make the changes they never thought possible. Whether it’s drugs, abuse, divorce, anger, anxiety, depression, guilt, parenting or marriage, please consider coming in for a consultation.

We are confident that the Bible contains all necessary information you need to handle what you are going through right now. If you will come to Biblical counseling willing to listen, you will discover that the Bible has more helpful things to say about you and what you are experiencing than you ever have heard. And if you come willing to follow, the Bible will lead you to a life you never thought possible. There is no other book or counsel so worthy of our attention as we seek explanations and solutions to all our trials and temptations. Those who put their hope in His Word will never be ashamed.

Once you have submitted the above forms, you will receive a response from us within one workday. It is a good idea to call the center and let us know that you have submitted the forms in case of electronic error.  If you have any other questions about the center you please contact us.


If you are a counselee and would like to financially contribute to your counseling please click here.